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Visa International payment system

Visa cards

Visa international payment card system

Visa pay cards are the most known worldwide. They are accepted in all trade points, all service based institutions and ATMs.

Card issuance and processing fees



Visa Classic

Visa Gold

Visa Platinum





Card issuance within 2-5 business days




5 years


Quick issuance [1](within 1 business day)

5 000 AMD


Annual card account service fee

5 000 AMD

20 000 AMD

50 000 AMD


Card account minimum balance

Not specified


Annual simple interest rate for card account balance

AMD 4%

USD 1%

EUR 0.25%

RUB 1%


Issuance of duplicate card against damaged card, or invalid card, stolen card or PIN code for the same validity period

2 000 AMD


Re-issuance of expired card



Card blocking



Card unblocking



Keeping of the card in the international STOP list (for 14 days period in one region)

10 000 AMD


Providing monthly statement from the card account at the Bank, through post or e-mail



Providing additional statement from the card account at the Bank, [2] through post or e-mail

1 000 AMD


Fee for each SMS



Providing supplementary card



Annual service fee for the supplementary card

2 500 AMD

10 000 AMD

25 000 AMD


Cash deposit

For AMD, USD, EUR – free

For RUB – according the tariff determined by the Bank as of the given day.


Cash withdrawal fee (from the Bank’s ATMs)




Cash withdrawal fee (from cash withdrawal points, POS terminals)



Cash withdrawal from the Bank’s cash withdrawal points, without the use of the card

According to the fees established for cash withdrawal from POS terminals for each card type


Fees for cash withdrawal from ArCa system other banks’ cash withdrawal points




Cash withdrawal fee for the withdrawal with cards from ATMs of foreign banks and banks not being members of ArCa system

1.5%, minimum 1 500 AMD


Fee for card to card transfer (through ATMs and virtual card)




Fee for non-cash transactions



Daily cash withdrawal limit

2 500 000 AMD

5 000 USD/EUR

200 000 RUB

5 000 000 AMD

10 000 USD/EUR

500 000 RUB


Daily cash withdrawal transactions



Fee for temporary or permanent change of the limit

1 000 AMD


Closing of the card account and card return


[1] Express issuance of card is available in Vardanants branch only.
[2] Account statement is provided in and out of the territory of the Republic of Armenia upon the existence of available funds on the card account of the card holder according to the fees applicable by the Bank.

1. The Bank’s cards are settlement cards, and enable withdrawal of cash within the limits available for the cardholder, card crediting, making non-cash transactions/operations, on the account of facilities available on the card account and credit line/overdraft provided by the Bank.
2.VAT taxable fees include the VAT.
3.Fees for salary cards issuance and processing are determined separately, according to respective agreements.
4.The Bank has the right to unilaterally change the size of interest for facilities available on the account upon giving 15 days prior notice to the card holder.
5.The Bank acts as a tax agent and has the right to calculate and pay tax on income (10%) from the interest received for facilities available on the account.
6.Any disputes between the Parties shall be resolved through negotiations.
Disputes between the Parties may be resolved by the Financial System Mediator (in accordance with the RA Law On Financial system mediator) or in Arbitrage (in order, set by the RA “On commercial arbitrage”).
7.In order to activate SMS service you need to visit the Head office of the Bank or any branch and fill in appropriate application. Don’t forget to take ID document.
8.Card is provided to the client within 2-5 banking days after submitting application to the Bank and executing account maintenance agreement.
9.. The client is also given an envelope with special PIN code inside. The PIN code must be used by the client only, who must keep the PIN code inaccessible for the third parties. The PIN code is recommended to keep away from the card.
10.Upon the expiration of validity term the cards shall be re-issued by the consent of the cardholder.
11.Visa Platinium cardholders shall be given Priority Pass cards free of charge; re-issuance is free of charge as well. Each entry to Priority Pass halls anywhere is AMD 15.000 per person.
12.Exchange rate for card transactions denominated in foreign currency (where the card account currency is different from the card transaction currency) shall be determined by the Bank. v
13.When disclosing discrepancies in the transactions related with the account the client may appeal to the Bank within 15 days period after receiving the account statement. The statement is considered accepted by the Bank if no appeal has been received within the mentioned period. The appeal is submitted to the Bank in the form of written application. The Bank proceeds the appeal received in due time, by performing actions applicable by the local and international payment system.
14.If the card is lost the client must within the possible shortest period through phone call or other applicable way notify:
“Armenian card” CJSC processing center, 24 - hour phone number (010) 592222
Call center of the Bank by 59 33 33 phone number, from 09:00 till 18:00 business days
Visit any branch of the Bank with ID document.
Operations through the card will be immediately suspended when getting notice on losing the card.
The Bank doesn’t be held liable for harm caused to the cardholder in between the period of losing the card and giving notice to the Bank. The client must visit the Bank after suspending the card and submit written application, on the basis of which the Bank should within 2 -5 business days provide the client new card.
15.The Bank doesn’t be held liable for harm caused to the cardholder in between the period of losing the card and giving notice to the Bank. The client must visit the Bank after suspending the card and submit written application, on the basis of which the Bank should within 2 -5 business days provide the client new card.
16.Providing supplementary card
• Providing supplementary card
• The type of the supplementary card can be different from the type of the main card, however, the class of the card should be either equal to or less than the main card.
• Transactions made through the supplementary card are recorded and expressed on the main card account.
• The main cardholder can submit written application to the Bank, in which he/she would specify the daily withdrawals limit and daily transactions limit over the supplementary card.
• Obligations assumed towards the Bank due to transactions carried out by the main and the supplementary cards shall be deemed the obligations of the main cardholder.
• The supplementary card shall be re-issued upon the consent of the Main cardholder or the supplementary cardholder.
• The supplementary card holders must immediately notify the Bank on the death of the main cardholder, his/her incapability, insolvency, or bankruptcy, and not to use the card in such cases.

17. Additional fees can be applied by the acquiring bank if cash is withdrawn from ATMs and POS terminals of other banks.
18.Other provisions are stipulated by card agreements made by and between the Bank and the cardholder, rules of the Bank on payment card processing (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), internal legal acts and settlement systems (ArCa, Visa, MasterCard) rules.

19․ The following advantages are available for Visa Gold and Visa Classic cards:

Opening of current account (AMD, USD, EUR, RUB) Free
Activation of “Bank Client” system Free
Providing authorities to make transactions through Bank Client system Free
For Visa Gold cards Accident insurance coverage of AMD 1.000.000 (Rosgosstrakh Armenia ICJSC “Family project” for Accident Insurance)

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Visa cards

Visa international payment card system

  • Annual service fee
    5 000-50 000 AMD
  • Currency
    Armenian dram, US dollars, EUR, Russian RUB
  • Annual interest rate for the positive balance

Make use of your card account, make non-cash purchases in trade points and Internet environment. You can get the card in 2-5 business days after the card application date. Card account is opened free of charge.
Any physical person above 14 (fourteen) may become the Bank’s cardholder.

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The following documents should be submitted to the Bank to get Visa Infinite card

  • ID document

  • Social card (SSN)

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