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Money transfers

from IDBank to IDpay 

Approved by
resolution N 332-L of the
Management Board of “IDBank” CJSC
as of September 01, 2021
Applied starting from September 03, 2021

The terms mentioned in the bulletin can have been changed.
If you are reading the bulletin on the website of the Bank, please pay attention to the action date of the information bulletin.
If you are reading the bulletin on the territory of the Bank or in a paper form, please visit the Bank’s website at for detailed information (paying attention at the action date of the information bulletin), apply to any branch of the Bank or call the Bank’s Call center at 010 59 33 33 or 060 27 33 33.


Required information provided by the transfer initiator *
  • IDpay active customer phone number registered in IDpay
  • amount
  • RUR account number in IDBank
*For the purpose of proper study of the client as defined by RA law on “Combating money laundering and terrorism financing” the Bank may require additional documents or information based on “Know Your Client” principle. 
Money transfers from IDBank to IDpay between active customers are implemented through:
The Bank provides the customer with a receipt confirming each transfer
Transfer currency RUR
Transfer speed Up to 5 minutes
Maximum amount for one transfer RUR 15,000
Maximum amount for monthly transfers RUR 1,000,000
Minimum amount for one transfer RUR 100
Commission fee charged from the sender In the amount of 0.9% of the transferred amount
The commission fee can be charged from the customer’s AMD account in the Bank, moreover, currency conversion is performed by the Central Bank exchange rate of the day.
Receiving method To the wallet of IDpay clients (then they can transfer money to the attached card).
Procedures (like reimbursement of loss), terms and the scope of responsibility  applicable for the delay of payments or the transfer, non-fulfillment or partial fulfillment of payment obligations by the financial institution, as well as the terms for appealing payments and (or) transfers made by the consumer, the procedures applicable to appeal, and the manner and means of their application by the consumer, are available: 
 In case if the initiator of the transfer cancels or recalls the transfer the client shall submit an application to the Bank with the grounds for cancelation or recall mentioned in it. The Bank responds to the client within 10 (ten) business days by approving or rejecting the application stating the corresponding grounds. In case if the transfer is cancelled or recalled the transfer commission fee shall also be returned to the client.

In case if the beneficiary fails to receive the funds the client shall submit an application to the Bank. The Bank reviews the client’s application within 10 (ten) business days and organizes the transfer of the funds to the recipient or return of the funds to the initiator of the transfer. In case if the funds are returned to the initiator of the transfer the Bank shall also return the transfer commission fee.


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