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New IDBanking online system

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IDBank has launched a new digital platform *, which enable access to banking, payment and settlement services. 

The new IDBanking online system gives you an opportunity to use contemporary range of modern services in the most convenient way.
Please, be informed that you will not be able to use your current Online-Banking password to access the new IDBanking online system. You need to know your Bank password as well. If you don't know or you have forgotten your Bank password, you need to approach the nearest branch of the Bank with the passport.

How to Log into IDBanking online system?

There are two options:
  • If you are both an IDBank customer and a registered user at Idram, then in order to log in to the System you need to enter your phone number and your Idram password. After entering the System, you need to synchronize your accounts in order to reflect them in the System, 
  • If you are not yet registered at Idram, you can register  via your mobile number within seconds and then synchronize your IDBank’s accounts.
For these  actions you can use the Registration and Synchronization Guide or call us: 012 33 33 33, 010 59 33 33։

*The new digital platform was launched in cooperation with Idram payment system.

To switch to IDBanking online system, please click on the "Log in" button.
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Bank-Client System

      For Corporate clients

To switch to the current version of the Bank-Client System please click the link below.


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