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Mastercard Mastercard international payment system


Mastercard system of international payment cards

  • Annual service fee
    3 000 AMD or 10 000 AMD
  • Currency
  • Annual % on the positive balance

Get your Mastercard international payment card and have permanent access to your funds; Mastercard international payment cards are accepted in all ATMs, trade and service points worldwide, as well as in online environment. You can receive the card within 2-5 business days after submitting the application.
Card account opening is free of charge. Any individual above 14 (fourteen), who uses payment card issued by the Bank or applied to the Bank for getting the card, can be a cardholder of the Bank.

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MasterCard Standard
MasterCard Gold
Card account annual service fee 3000 AMD
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Mastercard international payment card system

by Decision No 486-L of the
Management Board of “IDBank” CJSC
as of November 27, 2020
Enters into force starting December 1, 2020

The terms mentioned in the bulletin can have been amended.
If you are reading the bulletin on the website of the Bank, please pay attention to the action date of the information bulletin.
If you are reading the bulletin on the territory of the Bank or in a paper form, please visit the Bank’s website at for detailed information (paying attention at the action date of the information bulletin), apply to any branch of the Bank or call the Bank’s Call Center at (+37410) 59 33 33, (+37460) 27 33 33.






Card type

MasterCard Standard

MasterCard Gold


Card currency



Card issuance within 2-5 banking days1

Free of charge


Card term

5 years


Urgent issuance of the card2 within one banking day

AMD 5,000


Annual card account service fee3

AMD 3,000

AMD 10,000


Non-decreasing balance of the card account

Not defined


Interest accrued on positive balance of the card account

Simple annual interest rate

Annual percentage yield




Issue of a duplicate card in case of damaged, unusable, lost/stolen card or PIN code card (for the same term)

AMD 2,000


Re-issuance of a card for expired cards

Free of charge


Card blocking

Free of charge


Card unblocking

Free of charge


Addition of the card into the international STOP list (for 7 days in one region)

AMD 10,000


Monthly provision of card account statement at the premises of the Bank or by mail, e-mail

Free of charge


Additional provision of card account statement at the premises of the Bank or by mail4, e-mail

AMD 1,000


Fee per SMS5

Free of charge


Provision of an attached card

Free of charge


Annual fee for servicing the attached card

AMD 1,500

AMD 5,000


Card account replenishment

according to the tariff defined by the Bank for the given day


Commission fee for cash withdrawal from the card from the Bank ATMs



Commission fee for cash withdrawal from the Bank’s encashment points (POS terminals)



Cash withdrawal from the card account without using the card from the Bank’s encashment points

According to the commission fees defined for cash withdrawal from the Bank’s encashment points (POS terminals) for the corresponding card type


Commission fee for cash withdrawal from encashment point of other ArCa system member banks



Commission fee for cash withdrawal from ArCa system non-member and foreign banks’ ATMs and encashment points

1.5%, minimum AMD 1,500


Commission fee for card-to-card transfers

Through ATMs and through the ArCa application


Through and Idram platforms for transfers from card accounts of Bank cardholders who have been synchronized


Through and Idram platforms for transfers from card accounts of Bank cardholders who have been synchronized to other cards of the Bank.

Free of charge


Commission fee for non-cash transactions performed through cards

Free of charge


Daily cash withdrawal limit

AMD 2,500,000

USD/EUR 5,000

RUB 200,000

AMD 5,000,000,

USD/EUR 10,000,

RUB 500,000


Daily number of cash withdrawal transactions



Commission fee for temporary or permanent revision of limits

AMD 1,000


Closure of card account and return of card

Free of charge


Discount for Idworking entrance packages


Card activation is performed according to the rules on “Payment cards servicing” of the Bank (hereinafter referred to as Rules) at the following link: Rules, as well as through Bank’s ATMs according to the following link.
2Urgent issuance of the cards is performed only in Vardanants branch at 13 Vardanants St., Yerevan, RA, tel.: +37410 593333 , +37460 273333.
3The annual card service fee is charged from the card account based on the exchange rate defined by the RA Central Bank for the fiven day.
4Provision of statements on outside of the RA tetrritory is performed given availability of the aggregate amount of the postal service and corresponding Bank tariffs on the Client’s card account. 
5The service is available for transactions amounting to AMD 500/USD 1/EUR 1/RUB 100 and above.

General provisions

1. Bank’s cards are settlement cards and are provided for cash withdrawal, cash deposit and implementation of non-cash operations/transaction within the limits of monetary funds owned by the Cardholder at the expense of monetary funds available on the Cardholder’s card account and credit line/overdraft extended by the Bank.
2. Commission fees subject to VAT taxation also include the VAT.
3. Tariffs for provision and servicing of salary cards to organizations are defined separately according to the relevant agreement.
4. The Bank has the right to unilaterally change the amount of simple interest rate paid against funds available on the account by publishing it on the official website of the Bank 15 days prior to their entrance into force.
5. Interest amounts accrued towards the positive balance of the card account are paid on a monthly basis.
6. Interest on the funds available on the bank account is accrued for calendar days between the day of deposit of funds and the day preceding return of funds to the client or withdrawal of funds from the client’s account on other basis.
7. The Bank reserves the right of a tax agent to calculate and pay the income tax (10%) for interest received against funds available on the account in an order defined by law.
8. Disputes arising between the Bank and the Client are settled through negotiations between the parties. Disputes between the parties can be settled though the Financial System Mediator (in an order defined by RA law on “Financial System Mediator”) located at Elite Plaza” Business Center, 7th floor, 15 Khorenatsi str., Yerevan 0010, Armenia, tel. (+374 60) 70-11-11. Fax (+374 10) 58-24-21, e-mail:
9. For the purpose of proper study of the client as defined by RA law on “Combating money laundering and terrorism financing” the Bank may require additional documents or information based on “Know Your Client” principle.
10. According to the agreement with the USA based on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) the Bank may collect additional information for the purpose of identification of the fact of the client being a US taxpayer.
11. To activate SMS and e-mail address one has to visit any of the branches of the Bank (carrying an identification document) and fill in the corresponding application.
12. The card is provided to the client within 2-5 banking days after submission of the application for card to the Bank and signing the service agreement.
13. The Card ordered online (in special cases also cards ordered in branches at the Bank’s discretion) can be delivered to the address preferred by the client on the territory of Yerevan upon availability of the amount required for delivery service on the Client’s card account given such tariff is defined by the Bank at the given moment.
14. Together with the Card the client is provided with an envelope containing a PIN-code, and to activate and use the card the client shall insert the Card into the ATM of the Bank and select the button “Activate the card”. After that, the Client will receive the one-time code for card activate on the client’s mobile number registered at the Bank after input of which into the ATM of the Bank the client will be requested to create a new PIN code by inputting a 4-digit number. The PIN-code must be used only by the client, as well as the client must ensure that other people do not have access to the PIN code. It is not recommended to save the PIN code together with the card. Activation can be made both in the Bank and through all the ATMs on the territory of RA which allow such possibility.
15. The card is being activated by the Bank within 1 (one) business day after receipt of the Card and the PIN-code by the Cardholder.
16. In case of card expiration re-issuance of the card is performed upon the consent of the Cardholder within 2-5 banking days after submission of the re-issuance application to the Bank.
17. Transactions with the card can be performed both in the card account currency and in another currency at exchange rates defined by the Bank for the given day.
18. The Bank bears no responsibility for the losses arising from differences of exchange rates as a result of conversion of the transaction amount to the card account currency.
19. All commission fees are charged in AMD. Commissions defined for foreign currency cards are charged at the sale exchange rate defined by the Bank for the day of the given transaction.
20. Account owner’s rights to dispose of the bank account and funds therein can be limited by a court decision based on requests submitted by judicial acts compulsory enforcement authorities or tax authorities.
21. Confiscation of funds from the account without the account owner’s instruction can be performed by a court decision based on requests submitted by judicial acts compulsory enforcement authorities or tax authorities.
22. In case of loan liabilities between the Bank and the account owner the funds from the card account shall be charged without notice in accordance with the procedure provided by the loan agreement.
23. The client has the right to communicate with the Bank through a preferred means of communication: e-mail of regular post. The electronic means of communication is the most comfortable. It is available 24/7 and is free of the risk of losing information in paper as well as ensures confidentiality.
24. In case of discovering inaccuracies in the transactions related to the account within 15 days after receiving the account statement, the client may submit an appeal to the Bank. If no such appeals are received within the mentioned period, the Bank shall deem the statement as accepted. The appeal shall be submitted to the Bank in a written form. The Bank accepts the received appeal for processing within the prescribed period by carrying out corresponding actions as defined by rules of local and international payment systems.
25. In case of loss of the card, the client must notify via telephone or other possible means of communication as soon as possible:
-   “Armenian Card” CJSC Processing Center by dialing (010) 592222 24-hour telephone number or
-   call the Contact Centre of the Bank by dialing (010) 59 33 33 24-hour telephone number or
-   visit any branch of the Bank carrying a passport.
At the moment of notification by the Client about the loss of the card via telephone, the performance of transactions on the card will be immediately suspended.
The Bank shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Cardholder between the loss of the Card and notification of the Bank about it. After the card is suspended, the client must visit the Bank and provide a written statement about the loss of the card, on the basis of which the Bank will provide the client with a new card within 2-5 banking days. For details, see the "Payment Card Service Rules" at the following link: Rules.
26. The servicing of the card can be terminated and the card account can be closed according to the written application of the cardholder. The balance available on the card account is not subject to return to the client. The Card shall be returned to the Bank.
27. In case of not using the account within one year after card closure the account shall be closed at the initiative of the Bank if the account balance of the closed payment card does not exceed AMD 1,000 or its equivalent in another currency, by charging a commission fee in the amount of the account balance.
28. Attention – Interest against funds available on the Client’s account is calculated based on the nominal interest rate. And the annual percentage yield indicates the income of the Client to be received as a result of making mandatory deposit payments and receiving the earned interest amounts at defined intervals. The order of calculation of annual percentage yield can be found at the following link: Annual percentage yield calculation.
29. An example of interest calculation:
The day the money is credited to the card: 01.08.2018
The amount credited to the card: 100,000 AMD
Annual interest rate: 4%
Payment of interest: by the end of term
The term the amount remains on the card: 365 days
Income tax rate: 10%
Calculated interest amount: 100,000 x 4% : 365 x 364 = 3989.04 AMD
Income tax amount: 3989.04 x 10% = 398.90 AMD
Income received by the cardholder: 3590.14 AMD
30. Provision of an attached card:
· The Cardholder (main cardholder) can receive additional card(s) attached to his/her card (main card) from the Bank both for himself/herself and for a third party.
· The attached card may differ from the main cart type but must be either equal or lower than the main card class.
· Transactions performed through the attached card are registered and reflected in the main card’s card account.
· By submitting a written application to the Bank the main cardholder can set daily limits of cash withdrawal from the attached card, daily limits for the number of transactions and cash withdrawal transactions.
· The liabilities arising as a result of all transactions performed through the main and attached cards are considered to be liabilities of the main cardholder towards the Bank.
· Re-issuance of the attached card can be performed based on the consent of the Main cardholder and the holder of the attached card.
· Additional cardholder(s) undertake(s) to inform the Bank about the death, disability, insolvency or bankruptcy of the Main cardholder and shall not use the card if such information is available.
31. Additional commission fees may be applied by servicing banks in case of cash withdrawal from other banks’ ATMs and POS terminals.
32. While making card to card transfers from other banks’ ATMs additional commission may be charged by the servicing bank.
33. The 3D Secure information security system is applied while making operations in the virtual platform through payment cards issued by the Bank. While performing transactions through the card it is necessary to pay attention to the identifiers approved by payment systems (MastercardSecureCode). The Bank shall not be reliable for failure to receive a 3D Secure security passcode and failure of the transaction as a result, which is not conditioned by technical reasons or Bank’s inactivity.
34. The list of branches and ATMs of the Bank, information on their locations and working hours can be found at the following link: Branches and ATMs.
35. Remote servicing by the Bank is implemented through the online system. The order and terms of rendering remote services of the Bank are presented in “Public terms of rendering remote banking services”.
36. The list of documents required for receiving a payment card:
- Payment card application
- Identity document
- Public services number or reference on absence of PSN
37. Other provisions on card usage, maintenance, ensuring security and appealing against card transactions which have not been defined in this information bulletin, are defined in the Rules, agreements concluded between the Bank and the Cardholder in terms of issuing, provision and servicing of payment Cards by the Bank, internal legal acts and rules of payment and settlement systems.
38. The Bank is obliged to provide the client with the Rules while concluding an agreement with the latter .
39. Refundability of funds available on the card account is guaranteed in accordance with the RA law “On Guarantee of Remuneration of Bank Deposits of Physical Entities”.

Reimbursement of bank deposits of physical entities in “IDBank” CJSC is guaranteed by the “Deposit Guarantee Fund of Armenia” in the amounts of deposits subject to reimbursement, particularly:


Currency structure of deposit

If you hold only a bank deposit in AMD in the same bank

If you hold only bank deposit in a foreign currency in the same bank

If you hold bank deposits both AMD and foreign currency in the same bank

If the deposit in AMD exceeds 7 million AMD

If the deposit in AMD is less than 7 million AMD

Maximum amount of guaranteed deposit

16 million AMD

7 million AMD

16 million AMD (only the deposit in ADM is guaranteed)

7 million AMD (the bank deposit in AMD will be guaranteed in full, and the bank deposit in a foreign currency will be guaranteed in the amount of the difference between 7 million AMD and the bank deposit in AMD subject to reimbursement)


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The following documents need to be submitted to the Bank to get Mastercard

  • Identification document

  • Social card (SSN)

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