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Investment services and operations with securities

Investment services and operations with securities

On November 10, 2016 "ID Bank" CJSC became a Member of Securities  Settlement System and thus was granted statuses of Depositary system account operator and regulated market settlement system member /RMSSM/.

Fees and rates of provision of services in the unified system of securities registries maintenance and settlement through the intermediary of the Bank are given at the below link.

"ID Bank" CJSC performs the activities on the RA securities market and offers a wide range of investment services and operations with securities, which can be used by both legal entities and individuals.  

The list of investment services and operations with securities 

Operations with state bonds of the Republic of Armenia
Depo accounts service
Operations with non-state securities of the RA
Service on maintenance of RA state bonds 
Services on maintenance of securities issued by the CBA 
Services on maintenance of non-state securities of RA
General terms and conditions of communication with the investor, terms of the agreement, return of funds of the consumer in case of termination of the agreement and prevention of conflict of interests are available in the “Agreement on providing investment services”. The agreement may be executed for the period from three business days to termless period. Should the agreement be terminated the funds of the consumer will be returned according to the instruction given by the latter within one banking day from the date of termination of the agreement.
The client may perform operations with state and non-state securities of RA
The investor can get brief information with regard to all types of securities and risks related thereto from the Process “On Performing operations with securities”.
You can get information on procedures of acceptance and execution of applications of investors from the Process “On Performing operations with securities”.   
Transactions can be executed on the stock exchange, other regulated market, non-regulated market, depending on the investor’s application.
Investments made to securities are not guaranteed by the Deposit guarantee Fund
Possible conflict of interest between the Bank and the client shall be regulated according to the Process “On performing operations with securities”.
The list f documents required for investment services  is specified by the Process of "ID Bank" CJSC on opening and serving bank accounts.
Working languages: Armenian, Russian, English.
Document and information  language:  Armenian.
Communication with the clients – phone, internet.
Applications must be received and transferred in hard copies, handed personally,  via phone or e-mail.

Purchase of securities 

Before submitting the purchase or sale application the client should first apply to the responsible officer of the unit to be registered as a professional client.
Should the Client is accepted by the Bank as a professional client, he/she may submit application.
The client may submit:
  1. Limit application.
  2. Market application.
Professional clients may submit application via phone or e-mail.
Responsible officer of the unit shall notify the client within reasonable period on execution or non-execution of applications and submits account statement to the client. 
Clients, classified by the Bank as non-professional shall be provided investment services only after due presentation of information to the client, as set forth by the Regulation “Requirements to the activities of persons, providing investment services” passed by the Board of the CBA.    

Opening account on the name of the client

According to the agreement, the Accounting and reporting division of the Bank opens depo account for each client.
Each client must open operating account in Armenian drams with the Bank, through which bond repayment, discount payment, purchase and sale, security pledge should be performed.

The list of documents required to open the account

Social card number (upon availability), 
Copy of the certificate on registration of private entrepreneur (upon availability), 
Questionnaire  related with the residency of individuals, 
Tax payer Identification Number (upon availability), 
List of related parties in the form of statement determined by the Bank   

Documents presented to the client

Extracts are given from the security account (after each move and upon request),
Security accounts statements are submitted after each move and upon request,
Report on execution of the operation (after all transactions of the day and upon request).

Attention! In case of transaction performance according to the conditions mentioned in the Application submitted by the Customer, the CUSTOMER BEARS THE RISK of investment in securities. "ID Bank" CJSC WILL NOT REIMBURSE the customer losses if they aren’t caused as a result of "ID Bank" CJSC’s unscrupulous behaviour.  

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