Application Anelik Mobile Banking

ID Mobile Banking Application 

This application is for those clients of the Bank who use “Bank – Client” services     

Both individuals and legal entities, users of “Bank Client” service of the Bank are given the opportunity to receive the following information on their smartphones and tablets through the ID Mobile Banking Application:
• account turnover,
• current state of deposits and loans,
• repayment of loans according to the repayment schedule,
• foreign exchange,
• location of the nearest ATMs and branches of the Bank,
and to synchronize the loan repayment schedule with the mobile calendar and receive period notifications on repayment dates.
ID Mobile Banking Application is fully integrated in the system of the Bank “Bank – Client”, at the use of which the clients will be able to sign in the mobile application without additional registration, log with the personal name and password and upload it through appropriate online shop free of charge.


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