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Package IDgold

A package of services for creditors with gold pledge loans 

Get a quick and favorable gold secured loan and get at the same time:        
  • Rocket Line
    In the amount of 10% of gold pledge loan
  • Visa Gold debit card
    50% discount 
  • Bank account in AMD and Accident insurance
  • Online/Mobile banking

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Package IDgold 

A package of services for creditors with gold pledge loans

Approved by resolution N 125-Լ of the
Management Board of “ID Bank” CJSC
as of March 15, 2021
Applied starting March 22, 2021

The terms mentioned in the bulletin may be changed.
If you are reading the bulletin on the Bank web site, please pay attention to the enforcement date of the summary.
If you are reading paper version of the bulletin, for more details please visit Bank web site address:  (paying attention to the enforcement date of the bulletin) please apply to any branch of the Bank or call to the Bank’s call center: (+37410) 59 33 33, (+37460) 27 33 33

General terms
1. Gold appraisal tariff According to tariffs approved for the package of gold pledged loans 
2․ Repayment mode Annuity
3․ Currency AMD
4. Minimum loan amount AMD 300 000 
5.  Loan term
1095 days
6. Annual effective interest rate
7. Within the package clients receiving gold pledged loans are provided with an additional opportunity to obtain standardized gold bars from the Bank under the condition of pledging the latter as a security of loan to be provided and directing the amount of the additionally provided loan towards the payment of the cost of the standardized gold bullion. 
8. Cost of purchasing standardized gold bars The selling cost of the corresponding weight of the standardized gold bar published by the Bank plus the corresponding weight of the standardized bar multiplied by AMD 200
9. Maximum weight of standardized gold bullion offered/available to the client  The maximum weight of standardized gold bullion offered/available to the client depends on the aggregate amount of the balance of the acting and approved /to be provided/ gold pledged loans of the client in the Bank, in the amounts stated below:

  • For loans amounting up to AMD 499,999 – maximum 5 grams,
  • For loans amounting to  AMD 500,000-1,500,000 – maximum 10 grams,
  • For loans amounting to AMD 1,500,001 and above – maximum 20 grams.

10. Other conditions
According to conditions of loans with annuity repayment method mentioned in the information bulletin of Gold pledged loans in the Bank. 
Repayment of gold secured loans in other organizations
11․ Currency
12․ Minimal amount of the loan
AMD 150.000
13․ Loan term
1185 days
14. Annual nominal interest rate
0% for first three months, after which the interest rate provided in the frames of “IDgold” package will apply
15. Repayment method
Annuity, starting after grace period
16. Grace period for loan amount and monthly payment for package usage
3 months
17. Loan provision lump commission fee at the moment of the loan provision (from the contract amount of the loan)

(The advantage established for “Gold Standard” loan is not applied for crediting physical entities engaged in gold trade and/or production or in cases of transfer of loans secured by gold deposit from other banks or financial organizations)
18. Annual actual interest rate
15.9% - 23.80%
19. Other conditions
according to the terms of the loans with annuity repayment method of the information bulletin on loans secured by gold deposit, operating in the Bank
20. Current terms only apply to the cases of transfer of the gold deposit secured loans from other banks, credit and other organizations, which must be serviced in the organizations mentioned for at least 30 days and the customer must present a receipt of loan repayment in the organizations mentioned (limitation period of the receipt - maximum of 5 business days)
2. Rocket Line[1]
21.  Maximum amount of the loan
In the amount of 10% of gold pledge loan, minimum 10 000 AMD
22. Other terms
In accordance with «ROCKET LINE loan/loan limit» information bulletin operating in the Bank
3. Debit Card
23. Card type
Visa Gold
24. Annual service fee of card account
50% discount on tariff valid in the Bank defined by «Debit payment cards» information bulletin

If the client already has a card of the given type, no new card will be provided within the framework of the package. 
25. Other terms
In accordance with «Debit payment cards» information bulletin operating in the Bank
4. Bank Accounts
26. Account currency
27. Account opening
Free of charge
28. Other terms
In accordance with «Tariffs on bank accounts, transfers, services provided by «ID Bank» CJSC» information bulletin
5. Insurance
29. Type

Insurance from accidents – voluntary sale (1st, 2nd, 3rd disability group, death).

Insurance is set for the 1st year of the package.

  • A new insurance policy may not be concluded if within the term of the insurance policy:
  •  Another gold pledged loan is provided to the client within the framework of the package,
  • If the client makes an early loan repayment and received a new gold pledged loan within the framework of the package.
30.  Insurance fee
Performed by the Bank 
31. Other conditions In accordance with «Rosgosstrakh-Armenia» CJSC  cooperation terms: for the first year of package operation
6. Distance Services
32. Online/Mobile banking Free of charge
Package Provision Terms
33. Package activation fee
Free of charge
34. Package annual service fee
AMD 500 

[1] In ID Bank CJSC, the total of unpledged loans of creditor must not exceed 10 000 000 AMD


1. In case if the client renounces the package, the services included in the package shall be renders in accordance with the tariffs applied in the Bank.
2.  Disputes arising between the parties can be settled in a court proceeding or through the Financial system mediator (in the order prescribed by the RA law on “Financial system mediator”), located at 0010, Yerevan, 15 M. Khorenatsi St, “Elite Plaza” business center, 7th floor, e-mail –, telephone – (+37460) 701111, fax –(+37410) 582421. Moreover, if the property claim does not exceed 500 000 (five hundred thousand) AMD or equivalent in foreign currency, the decisions of the Financial System Mediator cannot be challenged by the Bank.
3. For the purpose of proper study of the client as defined by RA law on “Combating money laundering and terrorism financing”, the Bank may require additional documents or information based on “Know Your Client” principle.
4. According to the agreement with the USA based on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) the Bank may collect additional information for the purpose of identification of the fact of the client being a US taxpayer.
5. The Client has the right to communicate with the Bank through a preferred means of communication: e-mail or regular post. The electronic means of communication is the most comfortable. It is available 24/7 and is free of the risk of losing information in paper as well as ensures confidentiality.
6. The list of branches and ATMs of the Bank, information on their locations and working hours can be found at the following link: Branches and ATMs.
7. Remote servicing by the Bank is provided thought the online system. The order and tariffs on rendering remote services are presented in “Public terms on rendering remote banking services”. 

For gold secured loans the appraisal of 1gram of gold is carried out according to the following prices, based on the purity:

Date For IDgold package
The price of 1 gr. of gold (AMD) / Assay    
375 500 560 585 750 875 900 958
03/05/21 11,200 14,900 16,700 17,400 22,300 26,100 26,800 28,500


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The following documents are submitted to the Bank for IDGold package:

  • ID document    

  • Public service number /reference on non-receiving the PSN

The page was updated 15.12.2020 09:46
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