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Banking is already in Idram Join your accounts

Banking is already in Idram 

The joint digital platform of Idram and IDBank is already a reality    

Pay and transfer without touch. 

Idram and IDBank introduce a complete and unique toolset in the field of personal finance management that sets a new benchmark in the financial market. You can make all your daily financial transactions without leaving home. 

So, through the Idram app and platform it is possible to: 

  • Become a platform customer online, by passing remote identification within seconds
  • Make transfers without any commission, between Idram accounts, as well as from Idram to your Rocket card.
  • Get Cashback in case you make non-contact payments in our partner companies (See Partner List here).
  • Order a bank card directly from the app.
  • Open saving accounts, current accounts, also in foreign currency.
  • Make Term deposits with more profitable conditions: for deposits in AMD the annual nominal interest rate will be higher by 0.5% and for deposits in USD by 0.25%.
  • Get a Rocket loan up to 5,000,000 with a speed of a rocket, make loan repayments and Bank transfers within a few seconds.
  • Have a Rocket line pre-established limit with possibility to increase online, which gives an opportunity for Idram and IDBank clients to have an individual limit (reserve amount) from IDBank without efforts in Idram application and online platform.
  • Get money to your preferred bank account through one of the fast money transfer systems with a few simple actions.
  • Take advantage of nearly a dozen of non-contact payment solutions with QR and NFC technology, which completely exclude the need for cash in general. You can now access over 3,300 sales-stores, including supermarkets, pharmacy and almost all online delivery and distribution networks, food and other stores of first necessity via the remote payment options.
  • To do shopping from more than 350 online stores with a few simple steps.
  • Make instant payments for over 250 services: utilities, telecommunications, taxes, loans, account replenishment and a number of other services.
  • Make car payments or sign car insurance contracts with any of the insurance companies.
  • Attach any bank card to Idram wallet and make transactions.

When using these services, a method of payment can be both wallet balance and any attached bank card, and if you are a customer of IDBank, then also any of your bank accounts. 

To take advantage of all the benefits of the digital platform you just need to download the app and go through remote identification

IDBanking online system

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