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July, 30 2021
Education is the basis of a strong state: IDBank and Russian-Armenian University announced cooperation

Education is the basis of a strong state: IDBank and Russian-Armenian University announced cooperation

The Institute of Economics and Business of the Russian-Armenian University and IDBank signed a memorandum of cooperation, within the framework of which, with the support of the Bank, the master's educational program "Data Analytics" will be developed and implemented.

For this specialization, an admission has been announced for the 2021-2022 academic year.

According to Ani Avetisyan, the head of the Department of Mathematical Methods and Information Technologies in Economics and Business, the program was developed with the direct participation of IDBank specialists, as well as with the involvement of graduates of foreign universities in the field of data analysis, considering the modern requirements of the Armenian and international markets. “Cooperation between the university and the private sector is very important for us, as we try to provide students not only with theoretical knowledge, but also with practical courses. We are glad that IDBank, as a leading company in the region, through its professional employees expressed its readiness to participate in the development of the program, ”Ani Avetisyan said, noting that the classes will be conducted by leading experts in the field of data analytics of the educational system from Armenia, as well as from other countries.

Business Development Director of the Bank Karen Nalbandyan singled out the specialization “data analytics” as a developing direction. “Now, not only the banking system, but all sectors of the economy are guided by a data-driven strategy. Without a database, and more importantly, without the right analytics, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to make strategic decisions in today's world. This also applies to our state: only with quality education can build a strong state. It is for this reason that we are very interested in the proposal of the Russian-Armenian University, and as a result of our cooperation, in the near future we will have experienced, highly qualified specialists in the Armenian market”, said Karen Nalbandyan.

Mariana Edilyan, the Director of Human Capital Management of IDBank, noted that data analysts are in great demand on the market, but there are almost no specializations that give the appropriate qualifications, so students receive qualifications through international courses. “We are glad that from now on, with the active participation of IDBank specialists, our students will have the opportunity to study in Armenia, at the same time receiving high qualifications from the Armenian-Russian University. By the way, I would like to note that the best graduates will have the opportunity to use their knowledge at IDBank as part of an internship or in another format ”.

To apply for the Master's Degree Program in Data Analytics, visit the university website.

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