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October, 15 2021
How to get rid of unwanted subscriptions

How to get rid of unwanted subscriptions

Dear client,

You may have noticed that the websites of online services or online stores regularly try to charge you from your card, but transactions are declined due to insufficient funds in your account.

Here are some useful tips for successful and fast transactions when using online stores and services, as well as in order not to receive unnecessary SMS:

- Before shopping online, check your account balance. You can check your accounts and cards balance in seconds using the Idram&IDBank app or the online platform.

- If you have old and forgotten subscriptions to various websites or applications to which a card with insufficient funds is attached, and the monthly payment is declined and you receive a lot of SMS messages, we suggest that you visit the respective websites and make the necessary settings to cancel unwanted subscriptions.

How to do it:
  • If your phone is running iOS, to manage paid subscriptions you need to go to Settings, click on your account, then select subscriptions, select the unwanted subscription and cancel it.
  • If you are an Android user, then you need to log into the Google Play application, then click on your account, select the subscriptions section, then select unwanted services and unsubscribe from them.
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