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Virtual POS (vPOS)

3 months free installation on your website
Start developing your business with IDBank

IDBank offers to move your business to online platform to use the new privileges of Internet-acquiring with profitable conditions. No fees will be charged for transactions during 3 months starting from the day of terminal activation, regardless of the type of card used. After the term mentioned, the Bank will apply individual tariffs, depending on your business turnover. To make payments by payment cards install vPOS terminal of IDBank on your website or mobile app

  • For IDBank cards

    starting from 1%
  • For ArCa system bank cards

    starting from 1.8%
  • For international cards

    starting from 2.5%
  • vPOS terminal tariff

    first 3 months free

What is vPOS and what are its privileges?

Since the business and shopping have moved to online platform, the virtual point of sale has become a necessity for the business.
VPOS is a virtual sale system, which gives an opportunity to make and receive payments fast and safe. It is convenient not only for legal entities and for sole entrepreneurs, but also for their customers as this way they can avoid any contact with cash. This system can be easily installed on the website or in the mobile application of your online shop. By the way, IDBank provides necessary settings for terminal installation for free.
By making payments through vPOS terminal, your customers get advantage of the simple interface and shop online on your website or in the mobile app without much effort.

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Starting from May 08, 2020 “ID Bank” CJSC launches a special offer for installation and servicing of Virtual POS (hereinafter vPOS) terminals in points of sale/service (hereinafter Company) under the following conditions:

1. No commission fees are charged from transactions made within 3 months starting from the date of activation of the terminal, regardless of the type of card used.

2. Starting from the 4th month of activation of vPOS terminal, the tariffs defined by the Agreement concluded with the Client for the purpose of installation of POS terminals and performance of transactions through them shall apply to transactions performed through vPOS terminals.

For installation of a vPOS a Company can apply to any branch of the Bank, fill out the corresponding application and sign the Agreement.

To use the vPOS terminal installation service the Company shall open a bank account with the Bank according to tariffs applied in the Bank, which can be found at the following link:

The list of documents required for opening a bank account can be found at the following link.

You can find the list of branches with their addresses at the following link.
On the Company’s website, the Company shall perform payments with payment cards through the Bank.
Transactions through vPOS terminal provided by the Bank can be performed with payment cards of Visa, MasterCard or ArCa payment systems.

Approved by resolution N 154-Լ of the
Management Board of “IDBank” CJSC
as of April 23, 2020
Applied since May 8, 2020

The terms mentioned in the bulletin can have been changed.
If you are reading the bulletin on the website of the Bank, please pay attention to the action date of the information bulletin. If you are reading the bulletin in a paper form, please visit the Bank’s website at for detailed information (paying attention at the action date of the information bulletin), apply to any branch of the Bank or call the Bank’s Call center at 010 59 33 33 or 060 27 33 33.


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The list of documents required for opening a bank account can be found at the following link.
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