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Credit lines

Credit lines for purchase of fixed and working assets.

Get facilities from IDBank on beneficial terms to cover your needs of purchasing fixed and working assets with SME credit lines.

  • Interest rate
    from 8.9%
  • Maturity
    up to 36 months
  • Minimum amount
    3 000 000 AMD
    6 000 USD
  • Maximum amount
    250 000 000 AMD
    500 000 USD
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Credit lines

Terms and conditions of credit lines provided to corporate clients for purchase of working assets, financing of payables and purchase of fixed assets

Purpose of credit line

Purchase of working assets, financing of payables and purchase of fixed assets by the RA resident/non- resident legal entities, private entrepreneurs and physical persons involved in agriculture

Type of credit line

Revolving or non-revolving credit line

Customer class

Micro, small/medium, large


Armenian drams, US dollars

Minimum amount *

3 000 000 AMD, 6 000 USD

Maximum amount **

For micro customers - 25 000 000 AMD, 50 000 USD,
For small /medium customers - 250 000 000 AMD, 500 000 USD,
For large customers – according to internal regulations

Maximum maturity

36 months

Annual nominal interest rate

from 12.9% for Armenian dram denominated credit lines

from 8.9% for USD denominated credit lines

Loan application processing fee


Up-front fee ***

1 % of the credit line amount, but no less than 50,000 AMD, single payment

Monthly service fee


Repayment of used principal amount of the credit line and the interest amount****

1. For credit line provided to the bank account: repayment of the used part of the credit line can be made monthly, quarterly or on semiannual basis, at the maturity or other frequency; repayment of interest accrued on used and outstanding balance of the credit line is carried out on monthly basis.
2. For credit line provided through visa business payment card, obligatory monthly crediting of the credit line
aggregate of 5% of the amount used as of the last day of the preceding month and the accrued interest –on or before the 15th day of the current month (interest accrued to the unused part of the credit line is repaid on the same principle). In some other cases the competent authorities of the Bank may make decision not to charge interest to part of the credit line used in no-cash method (except card to card transfers, intrabank and intеrbank transfers made through Bank – client system within RA and among personal accounts), if the customer repays the used part of credit line used in such way on or before the 15th day of the current month.

Annual interest rate calculated to undrawn part of the credit line

Up to 2%

Minimum term of business history (uninterrupted)

12 month

Opening/maintenance of bank account

According to tariffs

How the credit line is provided

1. non-cash, through transferring on bank account according to the applicable rates; withdrawal of the facilities from the bank account is according to applicable tariffs.
2. through transferring to visa business payment card, according to applicable tariffs.

Eligible age

Age of physical persons and persons having the status of private entrepreneurs must not exceed 70 at the maturity

Requirements to the credit history of the borrower (including persons owning 10 % and more in the charter capital thereof) / guarantor

1. No overdue/classified obligations as of the date of loan

2. Good or neutral credit history acceptable by the Bank, according to internal legal acts of the Bank

3. Competent authorities of the Bank may decide to make requirements to other participants, as well as persons closely related with the borrower

Acceptable means of security/Pledge

• Real estate,
• Fixed assets/equipment, techniques, other property,
• Vehicles,
• Working assets,
• Right of receivables,
• Financial flows,
• Guarantees, warranties,
• Monetary means,
• Precious metals (goods)*****,
• Shares,
• Securities,
• Right to collateral
• Other property not prohibited by the RA legislation or property right

Credit line limit/collateral ratio

Shall be regulated by the Risk management policy. Determination of credit line/collateral ratio is based on appraised liquid value of collateral.

Insurance of subject of collateral

Vehicles, being the subject of collateral, should be insured based on the appraised market value. The body making decision on providing credit line may require insurance for other types of collateral.

Fine, penalty ******

Fine for overdue credit line amount -0.1% daily

Fine for overdue interest amount - 0.1% daily

Fine for early termination of credit line agreement – may be charged 3 % of the agreement amount

Where to apply

Bank’s branches, Head office

Maximum term of making decision

Up to 15 business days after submitting full pack of required documents

Giving notice to the customer

1 business day

Validity term of the decision

30 days

Terms of re-approval

Maximum once, within 10 business days after expiration of the term of decision, under terms of crediting applicable as of the date of re-approval

Term of providing credit line

According to financial operations executions procedures

*The customer may be provided credit line in the amount less than the established minimum amount, but no less that AMD 1.000.000; for physical persons involved in agriculture the amount is AMD 2.000.001 or equal foreign currency, if the aggregate balance of obligations of the customer/borrower (including the limit of the credit line) exceeds the minimum amount of loan/credit line. If the customer has been provided loans/credit lines in different currencies, the minimum credit line limit shall be calculated on the basis of AMD equivalent applicable at the Bank as of the date of credit line application (in case of existence of credit lines, the maximum credit line limit shall be accepted as a basis). The remaining terms of the lending shall be according to these terms and conditions.

** Maximum amount includes aggregate of total liabilities of the customer/borrower assigned towards the Bank (including the credit line to be provided) (in case of existence of credit lines, the maximum credit line limit shall be accepted as a basis). The competent authority of the Bank may decide to provide other amount, exceeding the maximum one.

*** Upfront fee is calculated on the basis of the maximum limit of the credit line and charged on the day of opening credit line limit.

**** Frequency of repayment of the used part of credit line is determined by the competent authority that makes the decision on providing credit line

***** appraisal of gold items is carried out according to tariffs applicable by the Bank

How to calculate interest

Interest amount is applied to the reduced balance with the account of 365 days a year.


Exchange rate effect

Taking into account the fact that the Bank provides loans in both Armenian drams and foreign currency, the borrower should understand that foreign currency fluctuations can have either positive or negative impact on the loan repayment.

Request rejection

The Bank can provide written notice on rejection upon request of the client.


If the funds received as a result of disposal of pledged property are not enough to cover the borrower's liabilities under the loan, such liabilities shall be paid on the account of other equivalent assets of the borrower.

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