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Safe deposit boxes

Anelik Bank offers fireproof safe deposit boxes  

Anelik Bank offers individual fireproof safe deposit boxes that satisfy the international standards. You can rent the individual boxes for keeping different values, securities or other important documents. Using such service provided by the Bank you can enjoy the following benefits:
the opportunity to use the safe box any time during the business hours.
full confidentiality and safety
Transfer of the right to use the safe box by inheritance or succession rights.

The safe deposit boxes are protected from external impact. The Box can only be unlocked using two keys at a time (of the Client and the Bank). Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Deposit box terms and conditions

8.5x30x50 (sm) (small)
17x30x50 (sm) (medium)
17x61x50 (sm) (large)
up to 7days (per each day) 1 000 1 500 2 000
7 days 3 000 5 000 7 000
8-14 days 5 000 7 000 10 000
15-30 days 7 000 12 000 17 000
31-90 days
10 000 20 000 30000
91-180 days
15 000 25 000 32 000
181-270 days
20 000 30 000 35 000
271-365 days
25 000 35 000 40 000
366-456 days
30 000 40 000 45 000
In case of damage depository box,  lock or stamp, key loss and duplication 5 000 AMD for each case
Penalty in case of failure to free the box and return the key 
AMD 500 for each day

    Rates for the safe deposit boxes are given in the Armenian drams.

Safe deposit boxes are available at the Head office of the Bank and branches of the Bank other than “Tigran Mets”, “Erebuni”, “Davtashen”, “Malatia”, Abovyan and “Payazat” branches.

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