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Documentary letter of Credit

Documentary letter of Credit


    International trade finance

"ID Bank" CJSC offers such service, as documentary letter of credit, which will help you overcome obstacles in international trade, as "ID Bank" will ensure protection of your interests in international trade transactions. You will be given the opportunity to expand the scope of your business, build new, stable relations.
This service is just for you if you are engaged in the international trade (export/import) and concerned with the risks, which can be faced to in the international trade, or have a lack of financial resources for execution of transactions. Letter of credit is one of the most used financing tools of international trade, as it mostly assists the protection of your interests in the international trade, by equally distributing the risks among the importer, exporter and bank of their interests. Documentary letter of credit should be used in the case where the buyer and the seller do not know each other, and the seller is not sure of the solvency of the buyer, and the buyer in its turn is not sure if the seller will provide the goods.  



Import letter of credit

Issue of the letter of credit

0.15%, minimum: 40 000 AMD

Confirmation of the letter of credit by other bank


Examination of documents

Without discrepancies

25 000 AMD, for each file of documents

With discrepancies/ to be charged from the beneficiary

50 000 AMD, for each file of documents

Payment on the LC

0.15%, minimum: 6 000 AMD, maximum: 45 000 AMD

Amendment of terms, including cancellation

25 000 AMD

In case of increase of LC amount, an additional LC issuance fee shall be charged without application of the minimum rate

Export letter of credit

Advising of LC or advising of amendment of LC

25 000 AMD

Confirmation of letter of Credit issued by other bank


Acceptance, examination and delivery of documents

30 000 AMD

Execution (payment, acceptance and negotiation) of the issued LC

0.2%, minimum: 50 000 AMD

1 Credit limit according to the rates applicable by the Bank is provided for unsecured letter of credit for the entire period of the letter of credit/ till payment of the letter of credit/, as well as for financing within the scope of the letter of credit.
Commissions of other banks (other than confirmation), postal/communication costs are charged as per actual amount.

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