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Collection For those who deal with international trade



  For those who deal with international trade

This service is just for you if you deal with international trade (import/export) and want to control payments for the goods.In this case, compared with the letter of credit, the importer (the purchaser) and the exporter (the seller) know each other and the exporter is confident that the importer will pay according to the received documents. The exporter (the seller) shall transfer the payment documents to the importer (the purchaser) for payment through "ID Bank". "ID Bank" will duly execute the order on delivery of documents without assigning any payment obligation.

Name of delivered service


Armenian dram


Export collection


Issuance of collection order, acceptance and sending of documents

0.2%, minimum 50 000


Change or cancellation of terms of collection

25 000


Import collection


Advising of collection order and each change

25 000


Payment/acceptance of collection order

0.1% minimum 6 000
maximum 45 000


Providing documents to the client



Return of documents resented for collection but unpaid by the client

50 000

1 commissions of the third banks, post and communication costs shall be charged additionally, based on the actual value.

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