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Bond Issuance Program Prospectus and Final conditions of issues

With the start date October 22, 2018 and end date December 28, 2018 (inclusive) “ID Bank” CJSC allocates through public offer AMANLBB26ER3 nominal coupon non-documentary bonds denominated   in USD at the nominal value of USD 5,000,000.00 (five million). 

Final condition of the 1st issue Final condition of the 2nd issue Final condition of the 3rd issue Final condition of the 4th issue Final condition of the 5th issue Program prospectus Supplement to the Program Prospectus (Resolution of the CBA)

On December 8, 2016 the Program Prospectus of “ID Bank” CJSC on nominal coupon bonds was registered by the Resolution of the Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia N 1/886 as of December 7, 2016.


According to the Law of the Republic of Armenia “Guarantee of remuneration of bank deposits of physical entities” the funds attracted through nominal coupon bonds issued by the bank are considered guaranteed bank deposit and are guaranteed by the “Deposit guarantee fund of Armenia”.

To purchase bonds you should open bank account and securities account with “ID Bank” CJSC. “ID Bank” is the account operator, consequently, all accounts can be opened with “ID Bank”. Accounts are opened free of charge. Acting as a tax agent to the Depositor, the Bank shall have the right to calculate and charge tax on income (10%) from the payment of interests.

Below you can find out:
Terms and conditions of cards presented as a gift to the clients- individuals  purchasing bonds and depositors.